• InBody 570


    The InBody 570 body composition analyzer goes beyond the traditional form of composition by not looking at simply fat alone, but by also quantifying the amount of muscle and distribution of body water. This scale is used to compliment Cryoskin and Red Light Therapy, as well as creating an additional revenue tool with the national average test price at $50.


    As a complete wellness tool, the InBody 570 will store and track the data of the client, as well as provide:

    - Total Body Composition Analysis

    - Muscle-Fat Analysis

    - Obesity Analysis

    - Segmental Lean Analysis

    - EWC/TBW Analysis

    - Body Composition History of the Client


    InBody 570 Outputs:

    Weight & History

    Dry Lean Mass

    Lean Body Mass

    Skeletal Muscle Mass & History

    Segmental Lean Analysis

    Body Fat Mass

    Segmental Fat Analysis


    PBF (Percent Body Fat) & History

    Visceral Fat Level

    Total Body Water

    Intracellular Water

    Extracellular Water

    ECW/TBW Ratio & History

    Body Fat-LBM Control

    BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)