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Trusted by professional sports teams, elite athletes, celebrities, and small businesses, CryoUSA strives to be the front runners for industry standards in safety, equipment, and reliability on all products we offer. 




Before any product is accepted to our product line, each modality is vetted thoroughly at our headquarters and then in our partner retail facility, GameDay Ready Recovery Zone, located in Dallas. Our carefully chosen technology comes with the test of time and productivity along with ruthless feedback from real clients before being introduced to you as a purchaser. Through these processes, we have established ourselves as the go-to specialists in the cryotherapy and recovery industry.

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Theralight 360 & Theralight Fit

 Industry Versatility

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2019 Product Catalog

°CRYO Science Arctic™

The Arctic is the first to offer either a fully or partially enclosed cryotherapy session.

With a movable window on the front for consumer experience, every session is customizable to each client.


The CryoNiQ Cryochamber is the most efficient cryochamber to date.


With low nitrogen consumption due to its standby mode this unit is designed for businesses with high volume and quick flow.


Introducing our newest whole body light therapy devices - the Theralight 360 (pictured) & the Theralight Fit.


Both offer wireless adjustability of irradiance and frequency for each of 4 wavelengths independently.


Red Light Therapy is quickly becoming the most advanced recovery protocol on the market.

NovoTHOR is a seamless addition controlled from the front desk, with little to no contraindications for use, and no down time. 

The first non-invasive, easy to use fat loss device that provides real results with no pain!

Cryoskin's best-in-class technology targets and kills fat cells, allowing clients to see results within their very first session. 

NormaTec is, and has always been, the #1 therapy to pair with Whole Body Cryo.


Allow your clients to relax before or after cryotherapy in a compression system that assists with lymphatic drainage and decreases recovery time.

Great for on the go, or an added benefit post session.

HyperIce provides state-of-the art vibration devices and movement technology for muscle relief and mobility.


Spot Cryo

Localized cryotherapy is most ideal for giving attention to smaller areas as it relates to pain and inflammation, or more aesthetic uses like cryo facials.


LX2 Laser

The LX2 allows you to pinpoint and treat localized areas of pain and inflammation on clients.

Please be advised, a medical advisor on staff or your advisory board is required to provide this treatment.


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