Whole Body


How it works

Phase 1


During a 2-3minute session at cryotherapy temperature (-166F>), blood vessels in your skin’s surface and muscle tissues constrict, forcing blood away from your extremities and to your core. Here, the body’s natural filtration system removes toxins & inflammatory properties out of the blood

Phase 2


After exiting the chamber, blood flows back to the extremities. Enriched in oxygen, nutrients & enzymes, your blood warms the skin & muscle tissues while also increasing range of motion

Phase 3


Over the next 48 hours the process of restoration occurs, and the body returns to a former & better state of homeostasis. Many report feeling a reduction of pain & inflammation, increased energy levels and quicker recovery times from training or injuries.

Fully Electric

Safety Features

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Fully Electric

Fully electric and running off a compression system, the Everest Cryochamber completely eliminates nitrogen. With deep roots in refrigeration and low-temp manufacturing the Everest Cryochamber has surpassed the reliability of any electric 

USA Manufactured & Serviced

Manufactured in Sacramento, CA the engineering team, technicians and support staff come with an extensive background in low-temp manufacturing and refrigeration service span industries from supermarket refrigeration to biomedical & food processing plants, to cryotherapy.

Low Operating Costs

Not having nitrogen as as overhead can, and will, save you thousands of dollars annually

No Hazmat Fee

No delivery fee

No tank rental fee

Add that with much lower insurance costs and most clients are seeing a savings of over $24,000 annually.


Cryo Everest

  • Fully Electric - No Nitrogen Consumption

  • 1 - 2 Client Capability

  • Low Operating Costs

  • Adjustable Wind Speeds

  • Interactive app & control pad

  • Heated window to maintain clarity

  • Automatic enrollment in the CryoBuilt PROTECTION program

Nitrogen Based

Safety Features

Remote Diagnostics

Trouble shoot problems and issues no matter where you are located

Automatic Shut Off

Each cryotherapy unit stops after the session has expired to prevent overflow

Ventilation System

After and during the session, all nitrogen air is vented out of the equipment to ensure O2 levels are 19.5% or higher

Moisture Control

To alleviate damage of the unit, all devices have a moisture control system and internal drain to capture and eliminate moisture build up

Emergency Shut Off

Equipment with more than 2 Emergency shut off controls to stop the flow of nitrogen and shut the unit down



  • Automated Nitrogen Flow for balanced cabin temperature

  • Up to 15 clients per hour

  • 4-7 liters of nitrogen use per session

  • Built – In LED control

Electric Lift

Allowing easy and safe entrance of the cabin, the electric lift has a 400# weight limit

Dual Door Design

With pivoting doors, clients have a safe and easy exit of the chamber.

Nitrogen Control Vent

Pulling the cold air away from the client’s face, allows for a comfortable and safe session. 

Cryo Arctic

  • Push button window to switch between fully enclosed or shoulder down

  • Air flow temperature control

  • Digital touchscreen for time and temperature control

  • Bluetooth speakers *on certain models*

Arctic - White2.jpg

No Nitrogen Vapors

 The CRYO Arctic completely eliminates the client exposure to gasiform air using a breathable air technology system. 

HAZOP Safety Review

Being the first of its kind to pass the Hazard and Operability Review, the Arctic does not expose personnel to risks in the case of an equipment malfunction. 

Dual O2 Monitoring System

Having monitors inside and out of the chamber allows for oxygen levels to be monitored in more than one place at a time

Localized Cryotherapy



Electrically Cooled- Nitrogen Free
No recurring cost for Nitrogen
Great for localized pain and inflammation on the body
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