CryoNiQ Cryochamber
  • CryoNiQ Cryochamber


    The CryoNiQ Cryochamber is a single-person chamber used for individual sessions of  Whole Body Cryotherapy. During a session, clients wear minimal protective clothing (gloves, socks, and briefs). The temperature is regulated by the automated system but can also be adjusted within a range of -166°F to -320°F by the operating technician via keypad or optional touchscreen control panel.

    The unit is equipped with an electric lift used to adjust a client’s height in the chamber so that the body is submerged in the hypercooled air up to the neck while the head remains above. This enables the client to be in continuous communication with the technician, which improves the client’s overall comfort.

    For added safety, the CryoNiQ Cryochamber comes standard with a pair of non-locking pivoting doors; one or both can be opened at any time. The unit also features a heated ventilating system to minimize moisture residues and to vent out used nitrogen gasiform
    air. The geometric design of the inner cabin optimizes convection of cryotherapy temperatures for improved session results.

    Interior Color
    Exterior Color
    • Warranty Information

      The unit comes with a standard 2-year Limited warranty on manufacturing parts - for more details call us at 214.363.3111

    • Unit Features

      • Temperature Range: -166°F to -320°F
      • Continuous Flow Technology for stable temperature throughout the session
      • Electric lift with push button control
      • Unique dual-door design for easier entering and exiting 
      • Customizable with multiple exterior and interior color options (Icy White shown) 
      • Session time: 2-3 min 
      • Nitrogen usage during session avg of 6 liters per session 
      • E-Tablet Control Panel and viewing screen 
      • Automatic standby 4 cooling
    • Technical Data

      • Cryogenic gas: Liquid Nitrogen
      • A/C Power: 220V, single-phase electricity
      • Width (doors open): 84 in.
      • Width (doors closed): 37 in.
      • Length: 59 in.
      • Height: 95 in.
      • Diameter of chamber: 37 in.
      • Dimension of the nitrogen tank: 28”L x 29”W x 55”H