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Cryotherapy & RedLight Therapy

How to choose which unit is right for your business & why?

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the application of subzero temperatures to the surface of the skin for anywhere from 1:30 - 3:30 in order to ​produce a fight or flight response within the body. While most businesses today run their cryotherapy units off nitrogen to get that rapid & drastic drop, we have recently added the first and only truly reliable and  FULLY ELECTRIC cryochamber to our product line, the Everest. Read more about it HERE or just watch us on the Discovery Channel >>

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What is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy is the combination of Red and Near Infrared Light penetrating the skin to reduce free radicals and oxidative stress within the body. When your bodies make oxidative stress it hinders our capability to product ATP or energy that the cells use to function on a daily basis. With an increase in oxidative stress and a decrease in energy our bodies are more prone to damage, inflammation, disease etc. and are unable to heal from them inside like we were all made to do. 

Why should I go electric vs nitrogen based with Cryotherapy? 


  • Higher Upfront Cost but lower OVERALL monthly payments

    • No Nitrogen re-fills

    • No Hazmat delivery fees

    • No tank rental fees

    • Lower Insurance - about $100 / month on average

    • Lower interest rates due to CryoUSA being a preferred vendor with financing companies

  • No NITROGEN which leads to >>>

    • No gasiform air​

    • No skin irritation

    • Higher safety features & reliability

    • 100% breathable air

    • No fidgeting with tank pressure, low tanks, swapping hoses etc. which eats up time and payroll

  • Made in the USA

    • Manufactured in Sacramento, CA in a Cryo Built warehouse NOT a sourced mass manufacturer

  • The largest service and repair company in the market with technicians available in ever state

  • Cloud diagnositcs

    • The Cryo Built team knows the same time you do about issues

Why should I go with the TheraLight vs another manufacturer? 


  • 10 minute treatment time for each customer

    • With the ability to increase the treatment time up to 20 min​

    • Allows you to run up to 5 clients through an hour with transitional periods and cleaning​

  • Independently controlled and adjustable wavelengths for each customer

  • Pre-set programs of over 10 setting to target the skin, inflammation, pain, recovery etc.

  • Controlled from wireless tablet display stored at your front desk 

  • Wavelengths:

    • 940nm - 11.250 Diodes​

    • 850nm - 11.250 Diodes

    • 810nm - 11.250 Diodes

    • 635nm - 11.250 Diodes

  • 80mW/cm2 irradiance with a homogenous or equally distributed throughout the bed

  • Rated for 100,000 hours of use

  • 5 year service warranty from installation

  • large enough to fit someone up to 6'7" tall comfortably 

  • Registered as a Class II & Class II Medical device with the FDA

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