Airsteril Restroom Range WRX30/40
  • Airsteril Restroom Range WRX30/40



    Airsteril Restroom Range WRX30/40


    The Airsteril Restroom Range WRX30/40 is designed to decontaminate restrooms and areas of high foots traffic with high contamination such as restrooms at 430sq ft. Odors and infections in these areas are created by bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and volatile organic compounds in the air and on all exposed surfaces. Fragrances or masking agents do nothing towards hygiene and the health risks remain. Cleaning and disinfecting alone are only a partial solution and cannot stop ongoing surface contamination. Poor cleaning practices can make the problem worse, as contaminated mops or cloths distribute bacteria. In eight hours a single bacteria can multiply into over eight million, meaning odors prevail and health risks increase.


    AIRsteril kills both surface and airborne bacteria and viruses. Its efficacy was certified to do this by the Health Protection Agency


    The Airsteril Restroom Range WRX30/40 comes in smaller treatment sizes

    • WR30 323sq ft
    • WR20 215sq ft
    • WR10 107sq ft