AirSteril Multipurpose Unit
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    AirSteril Multipurpose Unit


    The MP100 is the most powerful unit in the MP/MF range. It is designed for short term shock treatment or decontamination operation in spaces up to 1,067 sq. ft. It is also portable, allowing temporary installation for tackling occasional decontamination and odor problems. Using the MP100 portable for a short shock treatment of up to 40 minutes is usually enough to ensure a room is left fresh and clean. Longer periods up to 8 hours or overnight may be needed for serious, well entrenched contamination. The room should not be occupied while the decontamination treatment takes place.


    The MP100 portable can also be used as part of a regular cleaning regime where, for example, as each room is cleaned the MP100 is moved in for as long as it takes to clean the next room ( usually about 20 minutes ) and so on.