Airsteril Air Purification System


Continual usage for high traffic and low contamination area


Puts out a little more ozone to get deeper into common fungi found in restrooms.


Continual usage for low traffic low contamination areas

Completely silent fan with powerful odor elimination



Continual usage for high contamination area, low or high traffic

Ability to mount on a wall or ceiling or stand on higher areas



UVGI was first commercially used in the USA in the 1902’s to control TB outbreaks, then is fell out of favor when antibiotics were developed. Today, the effectiveness of antibiotics is being challenged by resistant pathogens so the interest in the use of UVGI has recently increased, worldwide.


Ozone, the other part of Airsteril, is highly productive in breaking down the call walls of bacteria and other microorganisms and then reverting to oxygen. One of the first uses of Ozone was in water disinfection and then developed for medical usage.


Airsteril utilizes a combination of these to produce the best possible results. Each element of the process is adjusted across the product range to ensure the best results based on the variation of room side, catalyst area and position, lamp output and more.

  • Reduces harmful viruses

  • Circulates fresh clean air

  • Breaks down unwanted bacteria

  • Attacks odors at their source

  • Removes unhealthy microbes from the air

  • Makes your restroom smell freshly cleaned

  • Maintains sanitized surfaces

  • Stops mold and fungi growth

  • Clears smelly compounds in the air 24/7

Airsteril Restroom Range.1.png
Airsteril Silent Range

AS10             215sqft

AS10X           215sqft

AS20             432sqft

AS20X           432sqft

Airsteril Multiflex

MF20            250sqft

MF40            430sqft


MF60            645sqft

MF80            860sqft

Airsteril Restroom Range

WR10                   107sqft

WR20                   215sqft 

WR30                   323sqft 

WRX30/40           430sqft 

Airsteril Multipurpose

MP100                 1,064sqft

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