As we head into the last month of the NBA regular season, Mike Elliott, VP of Performance Health Care for the Utah Jazz, explains how his team uses cryotherapy and NovoTHOR to recover.

The following is from Mike Elliott:

We use (cryotherapy) to rejuvenate guys when they feel run down or their legs are heavy and they feel a bit stale. They get in there for a 2 ½ to 3-minute treatment and it cools their body down drastically. It sucks all the blood from their extremities and brings it to their core. After that 2 ½ to 3-minute treatment, they step out and the blood that goes back out to their extremities is enriched with oxygen, nutrients, and anti-inflammatories that their bodies created. They really end up feeling like a different person after that short treatment. It helps them recover in a short amount of time. It gets their legs and their bodies back to feeling energetic.

They really end up feeling like a different person after that short treatment.

We like it because it’s quick and it’s effective. The guys really consent to doing it at the end of the day because it is so quick. It is one of the more popular recovery modalities that we use.

We try to use it two to three times a week per guy, but a lot of guys like to use it religiously at certain times. We have players that like to use it on game days after shootarounds, and we have guys who like to use it on practice days after practice. We even have some guys who walk in in the morning and don’t feel great so they use it in the morning before they practice. It’s a personal preference thing and there’s really a personalized response to the sessions. Some guys can get out of it and feel like they’re ready to play, those are the guys that want to use it before practice. Other guys get out of it, they feel better, but they also feel like they need to take a nap.

The questions from all of our players revolve around, ‘what is it? What’s it doing for me? Why am I going to feel better when I’m done?’ We explain anecdotally what it is going to do for them, but then we let them experience it and the telltale sign is that they keep coming back for more. That’s how we know it works.

A lot of the guys have played with cryotherapy in the past. I don’t know that many of them have had them residing in the gym in which they work out on a daily basis. They are familiar with what it is, they’ve tried it a few times, but I think they’re all excited to have it here and to be able to use it regularly.

If you’re ready to add cryotherapy and NovoTHOR to your recovery plan for your athletes, we’d love to partner with you. Check out our modalities here and contact us here.

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