Coaches everywhere are learning that in order for their athletes to keep up with and outperform the competition, it’s vital to recover properly and prevent injuries.

While there are plenty of recovery methods out there that people use to stay ahead, the NovoTHOR whole body light pod has become a crowd favorite.

Because of the NovoTHOR, athletes have more energy and can last longer in workouts and training sessions.

When your athletes have more energy, you have more flexibility to increase their workouts — that means more speed, more distance, and more quality training.

Dennis Mitchell, US olympic coach, has seen the NovoTHOR’s recovery power firsthand. One of his athletes hurt his hamstring on a Tuesday and was able to run a track meet that Saturday. That’s unheard of in the sports world, but that’s how powerful the NovoTHOR is.

Coaches love it, but what do the athletes say? Kaylin Whitney, US Junior Champion, says training has become much easier since she started using the NovoTHOR. She says she barely feels lactic acid during workouts and can recover much quicker now than she ever could before.

Whitney recently suffered from tendinitis, which would normally take 2-3 weeks to recover. With the NovoTHOR, it only took one week before she was able to bounce back and once again perform at her best.

Want to learn more? Hear straight from Mitchell and his team:

As a coach, you want to give your athletes the best recovery and injury prevention methods in existence. That’s NovoTHOR.

You can learn more about the light bed here. When you’re ready to boost your team’s recovery and add a NovoTHOR bed to your facility, let’s talk

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