When it comes to your recovery business, you want to make sure you’ve thought of everything. Oftentimes, a social media strategy gets left behind or neglected for other parts of the business. However, social media is vital for your company. In fact, according to Ambassador, 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to others if they have a positive experience with it on social media.

The purpose of social media is to connect with your audience, obtain their trust, and establish a real relationship outside of just a business relationship. Your job is to show your followers that they need to be a part of your community. That’s why you can’t afford to be making these big mistakes on social media.

Here are the top 7 mistakes you might be making on social media:

  1. It’s all about you. Many businesses spend all their social media efforts focusing on themselves, with content explaining why their business is the best, why customers should choose them over anyone else, and why they know what they’re talking about. But what about the customer? The customer wants to feel like you care about them and their needs on a more personal level beyond just getting them to continue paying money. Make sure your content resonates with them and makes them the star. Feature different customers, acknowledge their pain points, and give them content that will help motivate and inspire them.
  2. It’s not relevant. Plenty of businesses on social media are guilty of pushing out everything they can find that slightly relates to their business or industry. Always run your content through the filter of your followers. Would they benefit from this post? Would their lives be made better by seeing this content or learning about this topic? If the answer is no, it may not be relevant enough to make it to your social media accounts. When it comes to your content, it’s always best to lean toward quality over quantity.
  3. It’s old news. There’s constantly new research, new studies, and new opinions surrounding this industry, so make sure you’re staying ahead of the curve and posting fresh, new, and unique content that your competitors aren’t posting. Stand out!
  4. It’s not written with the proper platform in mind. Take some time getting to know best practices of each social media platform, and ensure you’re posting content with that platform in mind. In other words, what you post on LinkedIn should typically not be posted in the same way on Instagram. Show that you’re credible and can stay up to date with technology and trends. Pay close attention to things that you can and cannot do on each platform as well. For example, links are not clickable on Instagram, so never post one in your Instagram content!
  5. It’s all over the place. Is your content consistent? Make sure you find your “voice” (how you want to speak on each platform) and that every piece of content follows this. Not only does your voice need to be consistent, but your timing does, too. Create a strategy for each platform, including timing, content, and aesthetics to ensure your content is well thought-out and flows together.
  6. There’s not enough variety. Change up your content so your followers don’t get bored (while still maintaining a consistent voice and look). If you post a lot of images on Instagram, consider posting a graphic every few posts in order to change it up. On other platforms, ensure you’re posting links, images, videos, and gifs in order to keep it interesting.
  7. It doesn’t seem human enough. Your followers want to buy from a human and they want to feel a real connection. User-generated content and engagement can help with this. Ask your followers to tag your account in their photos and share these images for the rest of your followers to see. Engage with your followers on social media in order to show that you care about them, not just getting engagement.

Social media can be daunting, but being aware of what not to do can help ensure you’re successful in reaching your followers. If you’d like some more help, we’d love to invite you to join our T.E.A.M. As a CryoUSA client, you’re eligible to sign up for our T.E.A.M. (Training, Education, And Management) system where we’ll give you tips and advice to help you navigate through this business. If you’d like to join or have any questions, reach out to us here.

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