NovoTHOR is the world’s first and only Whole-Body Light Therapy Pod on the market. PBM Therapy, previously known as Low-Level Light Therapy, is the application of red and near-infrared light to the tissue where there is degeneration or injury. Red and Infrared light can be used to reduce the risk of injury in athletes and can even help people recover from everyday movements. It’s no wonder so many CrossFit™ athletes are using NovoTHOR and other recovery modalities to up their performance for the CrossFit™ games.

As a CrossFit™ athlete, you’re probably familiar with muscle fatigue and injuries. It’s important to find the right balance between training and recovery in order to maximize your performance, whether you’re on the road to regionals or a hobbyist.

Don’t just take our word for it; see what two CrossFit™ athletes, NovoTHOR users, and CryoUSA fans have to say:

“I started using NovoTHOR after months of knee irritation left me unable to squat. I also injured my neck and a Cat Scan indicated that my chronic neck pain was due to a slightly herniated disk in my cervical spine. For the next month, I started noticing that the excruciating pain I felt on a day to day basis that hindered me from doing certain movements in CrossFit, started declining the more I did NovoTHOR. Not only was I noticing a decrease in pain, but I noticed an overall improvement in my recovery from workouts, and I was starting to receive a deeper night’s sleep. Just about 6 weeks after starting NovoTHOR I hit a 10# PR on my Clean and Jerk at 315#, a number that I thought was untouchable due to my neck and knee pain. I’m now able to squat and do many other movements pain-free, just in time for the 2017 CrossFit Open.” – Tim Payne

“In 2012 I underwent shoulder surgery. When I returned to CrossFit, my shoulder was never 100 percent. I battled with pain on and off, while my performance slowly dropped. I sought NovoTHOR as a last resort before I decided if I wanted to undergo surgery again. Not only was I able to compete without restrictions within the first few weeks, but I achieved massive personal records on movements that were hindered by my shoulder pain. I added 7lbs to my snatch and 10lbs to my clean after years of 2-3lbs increases. NovoTHOR has made it possible for me to follow my passion of competing pain-free while reaping the benefits of increased performance. — Jake Wade

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