Running any type of business is a challenge – a rewarding challenge, but a challenge nonetheless! However, if your business has multiple locations, this opens up the door to even more challenges (as well as opportunities). Whether you’re a chiropractic business, a fitness center, a recovery facility, a spa, or any other type of business, we’re here to help with these marketing tips for recovery businesses with multiple locations.

Our top 7 marketing tips for recovery businesses with multiple locations:

  1. Establish your voice. If you haven’t already, it’s time to establish your voice. This will help you succeed in all of your marketing efforts by remaining consistent throughout your messaging. Make sure your voice is clear and something that can be communicated to all of your locations. Anything that comes out of your business, no matter which location it comes from, should use this established voice. Customers should feel like they know your brand no matter where they interact with you.
  2. Discuss your marketing strategy with all of your location managers. Once you’ve established your voice and communicated that to everyone within your organization, it’s time to discuss your marketing strategy across the board as well. What types of marketing tactics will you and your location managers utilize, and what do you advise them to stay away from? Make sure all of your locations are aligned and are consistent.
  3. Establish your social media strategy. This is part of your overall marketing strategy, but has so many moving parts that it deserves its own point. First of all, will you have one social media page on each platform for all locations to be a part of, or will each location manage its own pages? If each location manages their own, it’s important to lay some ground rules. Once again, ensure everyone knows your brand’s voice and that everything that goes out on social media reflects this. At the end of the day, make sure that anything that goes out to the public makes your brand look like the reputable brand it is. This may require some planning ahead or some reviewing on your part before social media posts go out for your locations, but a process will help keep your brand consistent and successful.
  4. Run contests. Set up various contests to get some extra engagement and competition from your various locations. One idea would be to reward the location that gets the most new clients in a month with a celebration, bonuses, new equipment, or more. Create excitement around the contest to get everyone to participate.
  5. Make regular visits. How often do you visit your locations? You should be visiting as often as you can in order to get a firsthand feel for daily operations and to give an outside perspective on any potential issues or room for changes. Schedule some visits, but drop in for surprise visits as well to get a true feel for daily operations.
  6. Recognize exceptional work. To create even more participation and engagement from your location managers, give shoutouts for exceptional work. If you send out a regular email or newsletter to all locations, feature the top location for the month and show what they’re doing well. If a location has an exceptionally great month, send a quick impromptu email out to all locations congratulating them. This will encourage the exceptional locations to continue doing great work, and will also encourage others to step up and do the same.
  7. Welcome feedback. Make your location managers feel involved and valued. Ask questions to find out what they like and don’t like. Listen to employees to find any holes in systems or potential issues. Depending on how removed you are from the day-to-day operations, you may or may not be very connected to and aware of all that happens every single day. The employees have valuable experiences and feedback that could help you grow and improve your business even more.

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