Are you using Instagram Stories? A solid social media strategy can transform your recovery business and allow you to stay in front of your audience in unique ways, and we believe it’s vital to your recovery business. Why? Because you’re dealing with people, and they want to know that they’re taken care of and understood, and social media is a very personable way to accomplish this… when done right.

One aspect of a social media strategy that many are still getting the hang of (or ignoring altogether) is the use of Instagram Stories. If you haven’t used them before or seen others post them, Stories are photos or short videos that only last for 24 hours. They’re timely, relevant, and fun. Plus, they can help your business reach people in all new ways.

Using Instagram Stories allows you to:

1. Stay top of mind. As you’ve probably noticed, Instagram feeds aren’t what they used to be. We’re used to seeing posts in reverse chronological order, but now, Instagram serves us posts we’re most likely to engage with, based on a variety of factors, such as our past likes and comments. That means to stand out, you have to reach your audience in ways other than traditional posts. Instagram Stories help you do just that. Posting Stories regularly creates more brand recognition and engagement within your social community. One of our tactics is to post Instagram stories when a new blog post drops, or when we post a helpful video on Facebook. This not only helps keep us at the forefront of our followers’ minds but also gets them to check out other content of ours.


2. Show off your personality. While you’ve probably felt the pressure before of posting “the best” content on Instagram, Stories allow you to post more “normal” content, which can help show your personal side and engage with your community more. Our friends @phoenixregen post a lot of great personable content, whether they’re working out as a team or testing out the latest trends in the recovery world:

3. Post frequently. When it comes to Instagram posts, it’s tough to post a lot in one day, especially if posts should be seen in a particular order. If you’re hosting an event, at a conference, or have lots of useful information you want your followers to know, it’s not likely that your followers will see all of your posts, and even if they do, it’s not likely they’ll see them in order. Instagram Stories allows you to post frequently without your message getting jumbled by Instagram’s algorithm.

4. Stay timely. With Instagram’s algorithm, it’s likely that some of your followers won’t see your content until days or even weeks later, depending on how often they’re on Instagram. However, with Stories, you can ensure your content is being seen within 24 hours. Post in real-time and join in on the trends or conversations that others are having at that time. Check out what @sportscryo did right after the big game to be timely and relevant:

5. Highlight your best content. While Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours of posting, Story Highlights allow you to save your Stories to your profile in various categories. This can help others see what you’re about, even if they haven’t been following along with your Stories in the past. It also gives you a unique way to organize your posts. Consider creating highlights for different modalities you offer to show them in action, different members of your team to help your customers get to know you better, member benefits, other offerings such as supplements or equipment that you sell, and any other factors that make your recovery business unique.

6. Have fun! Instagram Stories are meant to be fun and engaging, so have fun! Include location tags, user handles, hashtags, emojis, stickers, polls, and filters to enhance your stories and have a little extra fun. This can allow you to reach the customers or potential customers that you wouldn’t have been able to reach with a regular Instagram post.

Follow us on Instagram to see how we utilize Stories! If you have any questions about Stories or any other way to grow your recovery business, we’d love to partner with you. Contact us here.

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