As you prepare for marathons or just prepare to get your summer body back, chances are you’ll be running a little extra in the upcoming warmer months. Now is the perfect time for runners to not only create a running plan, but also create a recovery plan.

We know cryotherapy works for runners because we’ve seen it with Alberto Salazar and his Nike Oregon Project runners. Three of them recently placed in the Boston Marathon after prioritizing recovery and making cryotherapy and NovoTHOR part of their training plan.

If you haven’t already, explore the benefits cold exposure has to offer to runners (or the weekend warrior who’s trying to get back into the running game). Cryotherapy:

  • Promotes muscle recovery. Cryotherapy can soothe, comfort, and provide relief from musculoskeletal pain. Its relaxing action helps reduce or eliminate muscle discomfort and fatigue, which is especially helpful after a long run. Can you imagine recovering from a run without all the pain and discomfort you usually experience the next day?
  • Removes toxins. During a cold exposure session, the body constricts peripheral tissues, sending blood to the body’s core to protect the core’s temperature. As the blood travels, it passes through the cardiovascular system where it is cleansed of toxins and supplied with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes. As long as the exposure to the extremely cold temperature continues, the body continues to flush the tissue of toxins and circulate blood between the cardiovascular system and the vital organs on a continuous loop. This continues to cleanse the blood over and over while continuing to add oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes.
  • Shows results immediately. After a cryotherapy session, the skin returns to normal temperatures as the blood flows back to the peripheral tissues, warming the muscles almost immediately.
  • Reduces pain. Cryotherapy helps reduce swelling and muscle spasms. Cryosense even gives users the option to focus the action in the upper, middle or lower zones, allowing a more specific session.
  • Promotes mental balance. Cryotherapy intensifies the release of endorphins and serotonin, which help contribute to a general state of well-being.

Whether you’re a runner by profession or by hobby, sub-zero, cold exposure can aid in recovery and boost your performance. If you’re ready to find a recovery center near you, click here. If you’re a coach or business owner looking to add a cryosauna for your athletes, click here.

Congrats to our Nike Oregon Project runners for placing in the Boston Marathon!

  • Galen Rupp finished 2nd
  • Suguru Osako finished 3rd in his first ever marathon
  • Jordan Hasay finished 3rd in her first ever marathon and the 4th fastest time in history for a US woman.
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