Like with any other business, your cryotherapy business needs a business plan. How do you know what types of things to include and how to best navigate your business? We’ve put together a list of the things that your cryotherapy business plan should include. As always, we’re here to partner with you and help you achieve success within your recovery business.

Here are the 7 general things your cryotherapy business plan should include:

1. A clear business description. What is your business about (besides just cryotherapy)? What is your “why”? You should be able to describe your business in just a few sentences. Everything else in your business plan should reflect this and stem from this.

2. Vision and goals. Where would you like to see your company grow in the near and distant future? Set real, attainable, and measurable goals for your company along with how you plan to get there.

3. Market analysis. Once you’ve defined your “why,” you are ready to define your “who.” Who are you for? Who are you targeting? Start small with the type of client you wish to obtain, then apply demographics based on the research you’re able to do on your desired location. Describe the potential for growth in your area, your key demographics, and any potential risks or problems that may arise. What’s the market like in your area? What types of financial situations do your potential clients face?

4. Services and details. Your business provides more than just cryotherapy or other recovery modalities. Include all the recovery systems and modalities you plan on offering your clients (click here to figure out what’s right for you), along with any programs or services you plan on offering. For example, you may have a partnership with a local juice shop and plan on offering discounts, offers, or special programs for your clients. Will you host any events or create any community groups? Include anything that your clients will receive as a result of joining your facility, beyond just cryotherapy.

5. Marketing. How do you plan to market your business? It is wise to choose combination of traditional and digital marketing, so include details of all of these efforts. Will you promote your business on social media? Will you reach out to local organizations? Will you have a dedicated sales team or educate all of your employees on this matter? Are you planning to hire a marketing agency or a marketing professional for your team? These are all things to consider and plan for in advance. Find some more marketing tips for your cryotherapy business here.

6. Management and operations. Who makes up your team? What is the organization of your business? Include general responsibilities for each along with growth opportunities.

7. Finances. What is your pricing model and what changes do you expect to see in the next three years? Five years? Ten years? Define the financial goals of your company and how you plan to get there.

Your business plan is only the beginning. Once you’ve created one, it’s time to do what you’ve been talking about doing, and it’s time to achieve your goals.

How can we help you? As a CryoUSA partner, you can trust that we’ll be on your side and available to provide you with resources as your business grows and changes. Contact us today to get started. 214-360-7468

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