As an athlete, you want to know that you’re staying on top of your game, preventing injuries, and focusing on your health. As a coach or trainer, you want to make sure this is happening for your athletes. Cryotherapy and athletes should go hand in hand. The benefits of cryotherapy are astounding and only increasing as we uncover more research.

Here are 7 reasons cryotherapy and athletes should go together: 

1. Decrease injuries. Using cryotherapy after physical activity (especially intense training) can help reduce inflammation and restore your muscles. Many cryotherapy patients feel stronger and more capable of sustaining stress on their muscles when they use cryotherapy as part of their athletic routine.

2. Recover faster. Ice baths just aren’t cutting it anymore. If you get injured, you need to get back out there as quickly as you can without risking further injury or long recovery times. Cryotherapy can help deliver fast recovery times and keep you from experiencing any further injury.

3. Stay safe. The technological advancements in cryotherapy have been incredible over the years, and these advancements have been made with athletes like you in mind. Unlike with an ice bath or ice pack, with cryotherapy, the exposure is very brief and at a controlled temperature, keeping you safe.

4. Stay on top of your game. Cryotherapy isn’t just for preventing injuries; it’s also for staying on top of your game and ahead of the curve. Cryotherapy removes toxins from your blood and fortifies red blood cells with oxygen, both of which can help reduce soreness in your muscles and help you go longer and faster.

5. Feel energetic. While it isn’t guaranteed, many athletes who use cryotherapy feel energetic immediately after leaving the chamber. This happens as endorphins surge  through your body. Many athletes even feel this energy for the rest of the day and use cryotherapy before a big game.

6. Have better circulation. Cryotherapy can improve circulation by re-oxygenating the blood, bringing oxygen and nutrients to your brain. Better circulation means better performance and overall improved well-being.

7. Sleep better. Sleep is vital for a strong performance. Many athletes have noticed improved sleep after adding cryotherapy to their regimen. In fact, those that don’t feel a burst of energy after exiting the chamber claim to feel sleepy upon exiting. Plenty of athletes will use cryotherapy before sleeping to aid in getting those Z’s your body needs.

If you haven’t tried cryotherapy, we invite you to try it out, either at our own facility in Dallas or at any of these facilities that we partner with.

If you’re a coach or facility owner and would like to bring cryotherapy to your own athletes, we’d love to partner with you. Contact us here!

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