We love hearing how our clients have successfully started and maintained their cryo businesses! Today, we’re sharing Joy Dawson’s story. Joy is the owner of Capitol Cryo in Salem, Oregon, and she’s sharing how she has succeeded with her business.

Along with the stress of opening your own business, we quickly realized how stressful it could be to open your doors and have no customers except for friends and family. But we also learned (thanks to the encouragement of CryoUSA) that education is key and to just trust the process.

We have been studying the how to’s of social media, which catapulted our infancy.  We originally thought that as soon as we had the green light, we would have that magic customer base. Not the case. However, with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, we were able to spread the word, tag our clients, and promote the various activities they were involved in. It didn’t take long for those initial clients to return or send a friend, sister, brother, etc. We even did a contest on social asking people to tag their friends, and we gave away a free session to one winner. It generated so many followers for us! Don’t be shy and don’t assume you are bothering people. When it comes to social, post, post, post… and ask for help!

It is also important to us to sponsor or be involved in at least one community event each month (or more). Since opening, we have sponsored the March of Dimes, Girls on the Run, Capitol FC Soccer Marathon, The Murph Challenge, Grand Opening of Cherry City CrossFit, and the Liberty House. We hosted a Yoga and Beer event at our facility and have entertained all sorts of ideas to help spread the word about whole body cryotherapy. Any and all gimmicks have helped generate business. Don’t be afraid to give something away. It will be worth it in the end.

The best part of being in this business is experiencing the stories you get to share. Every person that comes to you leaves better and happier. It’s unique, rewarding, and AMAZING!

Have a unique story or business tips you’d like to share? Let us know!

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