New year, new goals. If you or your clients are making plans for a better, stronger, and healthier 2018, then these tips are for you.

It’s easy to make goals and resolutions, but how often have you found yourself giving up on them only a few weeks in? This can be especially true when it comes to fitness goals. But don’t worry! It’s possible to stick to your goals — it just may take some work upfront.

Here are 7 tips to stick to your fitness goals this year:

  1. Define your “why.” Why are you setting these goals? Do you want six-pack abs to impress those around you and look better? Or do you want a healthy lifestyle that will increase the length and quality of your life? When your goal is healthy and for yourself, it’ll be much easier to stick to it.
  2. Set short-term AND long-term goals. Try setting a yearly goal as well as monthly goals each month. Keep your short-term goals smaller and realistic, and let them push you to achieve your long-term goals.
  3. Be realistic. Are your goals attainable? While a year may seem like a long time, it can go by in the blink of an eye. That’s why it’s important to not get ahead of yourself and to ensure your goals are realistic, and that you’ve set them with realistic time limits in mind.
  4. Find an accountability partner. Don’t just post your goals on social media. Enlist a close friend, family member, or gym partner that can check in on you regularly to make sure you’re sticking to it.
  5. Record your progress. Whether it’s a fitness tracker, a fitness log, or a series of photos, keep something to track your progress. You may not notice differences day to day, but you certainly will over time — and when you’re feeling really discouraged, go back and review your progress to see how far you’ve come. Try quitting after seeing those results!
  6. Reward yourself. Set benchmarks throughout your process and reward yourself when you hit them. As long as your reward is healthy and won’t throw off your routine, feel free to splurge here! A day at the spa? Yes. An entire month “rest” from working out? Nope.
  7. Reevaluate your goals. Sometimes, your goals change. That’s okay! You may get to month 3 of your year-long plan and realize your goal is much more achievable than you thought — increase that goal! You might get to month 3 and realize you were focusing on the wrong goal all this time — change it! Remember: goals are meant to help you, not to hurt you.

Are you ready to take on your 2018 goals? We’re rooting for you! Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals by December, instead of throwing in the towel come March. Remember: it’s possible!

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