As a cryotherapy business, your website needs to communicate many things to your customers and potential customers (just like any website). You may feel pulled in many directions as you look at your website, but our goal is to silence the noise and give you a clear, concise list of cryotherapy business website tips – things you can begin implementing right away to grow your business and attract more customers.

Grow your cryotherapy business & attract more customers through your website

Here are our top 7 cryotherapy business website tips:

  1. Set a goal for your website. Is it to attract new customers? Is it to give your existing customers a community or way to explore more opportunities? Or is it both? Create your content with this goal in mind, and create compelling calls to action that will encourage your readers to achieve this goal.
  2. Know who you’re writing for. Once you decide your goal, begin brainstorming the many things that characterize your audience members. Are they healthy, fit, and young? Are they older, suffering from pain, and looking for a quick fix? What kind of communities are they already involved in, and how do they communicate with others? Once you have some characteristics of your audience defined, you’ll have a better understanding of how to communicate with them. Write your website content with them in mind.
  3. Empathize. Think of your website as a story. Tell a story to your audience, and make them the hero of the story, not yourself. Talk less about yourself and more about them, and show them that you actually care about them (not just their money). This will help create a deep connection.
  4. Be clear. Be clear about your services and offerings from the very beginning. If you’re strictly a cryotherapy center, mention that on your home page. If you’re a full recovery center with multiple modalities, say that. If you’re a different type of specialty facility that also offers cryotherapy or other modalities, explain that. According to research, humans typically have a 7-second attention span. That means you have 7 seconds to grab the reader’s attention – so you better be clear (read some tips here).
  5. Give enough information. One reason someone lands on your site is typically to compare prices and services, and perhaps even to book an appointment or join your community. If they’re not getting enough information here, they’ll quickly abandon and go elsewhere. Don’t flood them with too much information, but give them clear, concise information about your services, pricing, locations, modalities, etc. – whatever that person in tip # 1 would want to see!
  6. Focus on your uniques. What makes you different from others in your space? Is it convenient location? Low prices? More services? The community and culture? Whatever it is, own it, elevate it, and make your audience see that they need to be a part of it. Make sure someone can see how you’re unique through everything you say on your website, and communicate how this benefits them.
  7. Educate. Show your audience that you know what you’re talking about. People who come to your site likely don’t know much about your services, the technology your facility uses, or all of the benefits and risks of what you offer. Take the time to educate them, and this will help elevate you as a thought leader in your industry and establish authority with your audience.

Follow these cryotherapy business website tips and you’ll be on your way to business success. Need more tips or have any questions? As a customer of ours, you get full access to CryoUSA T.E.A.M., where we’re always available to help elevate your cryotherapy business and help you find success.

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