Did you know that most skin conditions are caused by stress? That’s right, whether it’s acne or scarring, dry skin or oily skin, psoriasis or rosacea, your skin condition is likely brought on by the stressors in your life. The biggest thing you can do to prevent these conditions is to reduce stress, but what if we told you cryotherapy can help improve your skin as well?

First, here are some common skin conditions and how they’re caused:

  • Acne. This is the most common skin condition and something we’ve all experienced. When your body is stressed, it tends to produce more of the hormone cortisol. This then triggers overproduction of oil in your glands, which can cause skin problems such as acne. The worst part? Acne tends to add more stress, which can mean more acne later. Getting a handle on it early will help you regulate your skin and stop the cycle.
  • Dry skin. If you have dry skin, you’ve probably been told that the main reason is that you’re dehydrated. However, did you know even dehydration can be traced back to stress? When you’re stressed, do you make sure you’re drinking enough water, or do you reach for the sugary soda, coffee, or even alcoholic drink? These drinks all dehydrate your body and dry out your skin.
  • Chronic skin conditions. There are plenty of chronic skin conditions out there that can be brought on by stress, but the two most common are psoriasis and rosacea. Psoriasis flare-ups typically come in the form of red, scaly, and often even itchy or painful patches of skin. Rosacea typically results in your skin flushing and even swelling. Both of these skin conditions have close relationships with stress. If you have these conditions, you’ve likely noticed flare-ups in stressful events. Remember: there is good stress, so if you notice flare-ups during an exciting event, that’s normal too!

How cryotherapy can help improve your skin:

  • Relieves stress. Many cryotherapy patients have reported stress relief from using the cryotherapy chamber. Cryotherapy oxygenates your blood and improves circulation while releasing endorphins, which can make your body feel better overall. This typically results in feeling rejuvenated and relaxed, which can help you better control your stress.
  • Detoxes. Cryotherapy is essentially detoxing your peripheral tissue, which can help rid your body of harmful toxins and replace them with antioxidants. Removing toxins in your body can leave you feeling better and even looking better, depending on your unique body.
  • Increases collagen. On top of the cryotherapy chamber, you also have the option of using spot cryotherapy or a cryotherapy facial. This can help your body produce more collagen, the substance that gives your skin a firm, smooth look.
  • Reduces inflammation. Cryotherapy can reduce inflammation throughout your body, which can help relieve more physical stress on your body and help give you more balance. A balanced body with the lack of inflammation can do wonders for your skin, as your body isn’t feeling as much stress and can function normally.

Other ways to improve your skin:

On top of cryotherapy, we recommend making a few changes at home to help improve your skin as much as possible.

  • Sleep. Get enough sleep! The ideal range (for anyone) is 7-9 hours per day of uninterrupted sleep. That means no screens (put those phones away at least an hour before bed!) and a relaxed (i.e. stress-free!) state.
  • Don’t get lazy. We often tend to neglect our skin regimens when we get stressed. Sometimes, we feel like we don’t even have time to wash our face or apply our creams and masks. If you find yourself in a particularly busy season of life, flip this around and focus more on taking care of your skin to help combat this.
  • Manage stress. Everyone is different, so managing stress will look differently for all. But take some time to find what works best for you. Maybe it’s yoga, meditation, physical exercise, music, a long walk, etc. It could even be spending time in the cryo chamber or with one of our other recovery modalities. Whatever works, make time for that!

This is the only skin you have, so treat it well and take care of it! If you haven’t before, try adding cryotherapy to your routine to help improve your skin and look (and feel) better longer.

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