Now that summer’s over and the cooler months are approaching, how are you planning to retain your customers? Working out and recovering are big hits during the warm summer months, especially to athletes who are training for their upcoming seasons. But with these customer retention tips for recovery businesses, you’ll be able to keep them even through the cooler months.

When the cold weather starts, you may need to reiterate to your customers why they should continue using cryotherapy and other recovery modalities when it’s already cold outside and when it’s tougher to hit the gym. People often tend to put their health and regular workout routines on the backburner once the fall and winter hit, but it’s important to encourage them to keep up with their routines long after the summer ends.

Four customer retention tips:

  1. Give them knowledge. Once it gets cold outside, it can be tough to sell cold therapy. People probably aren’t looking to feel even colder, but it’s important to educate your customers and athletes on the importance of continuing their sessions even if it’s cold. Continue to educate them on the importance of staying healthy and recovering properly even when motivation (and outside temperatures) might be at an all-time low.
  2. Capitalize on social proof. People are more likely to use or buy a product after reading a positive review or being referred by a friend. Capitalize on the experiences of previous customers who choose recovery all year long. By creating a positive attitude around the advantages of continuing after summer’s over, more customers are likely to continue coming back for more sessions regardless of the season.
  3. Consistently communicate. Communication is key in every facet of life – and your relationship with your customers is no different. Reach out to your customers on regular basis. As a recovery business, your mission is to stay in front of the customer at all times. Especially after summer is over, communicate with your customers on why they should be continuing to use cryotherapy. You can send out emails, newsletters, or coupons – your customers want to hear from you.
  4. Show them they’re appreciated. Customers like it when they feel appreciated. Especially now, thanking them and showing your appreciation for them can make all the difference. Offer a discount or an exclusive package to your existing customers in order to encourage them to stay even through the colder months. Even consider exclusive member events or bringing in more incentives. If you have the space and the partnerships to do so, bring in a vendor to offer something to your customers – smoothies, discounts on athletic gear, snack bars, supplements – whatever will show your employees you appreciate them and that it’s worth it to stay. 

We’re here to partner with you, not just to sell to you. What questions do you have about business health and customer retention tips for cryotherapy businesses? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us here.

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